Monday, October 6, 2008

Mike Murphy to McCain: Go POSITIVE

Mike Murphy, a GOP strategist, former McCain employee and current MSNBC analyst, has quickly become one of my favorite pundits, regardless of party.  I respect people with integrity, regardless their political stripes.

Anyway, he has a post up at poo-pooing McCain's nuclear strategy against Obama.  He suggests Mac return to his old self - the one everybody, Democrats and Republicans alike, actually liked and respected - and run a positive campaign:
McCain is losing.  To regain a chance to win, McCain must run as who he truly is: pragmatic, tough, bi-partisan and ready to break some special interest china to get the right things done in Washington.  Fix the message, and you will fix the states.
Alas, I think the days of good McCain, the one who actually possessed integrity, are long gone.

(Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan)

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