Monday, October 20, 2008

The Weirdest World Series in History

About a year ago, I wrote a Facebook note called "The Colorado Rockies are the 2007 National League Champions." And at that point in time, I thought it was the absolute weirdest thing ever to happen during my life as a baseball fan.

Well, shit just got weirder.

The Phillies, the team of 10,000 losses, will play the Rays, the team that used to be the Devil Rays. So basically baseball's historical laughingstock will play the laughingstock of the past 10 years.



How many people foresaw a Phillies/Rays matchup in the World Series before this season began?

Right now, someone in Vegas is filthy rich, I bet. And I can't get over how stunned I am.

The second Papi hit that homer in Game 5, I thought the Red Sox were gonna pull it out. I really did. I'm shocked that they didn't - and shocked that they lost to the Rays. Can't believe it. Ridiculous. Impossible. The only thing that makes it even more insane is the fact that, now that the Rays have won, they're going to play the PHILLIES.

The PHILLIES!!!! Playing the RAYS!!!! IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, anything's possible, I guess. What's gonna happen next season? My money's on a Nationals/Mariners World Series. And even that wouldn't be as weird as THIS.

But, nevertheless, Phils: I hope you kick the crap out of these clowns. Welcome to the majors, Tampa. Finally.

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