Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live-Blogging the Debate (and Other Stuff, Too!)

10:31 PM. Obama's closing statement: fundamental change, fuck the last eight years, etc. Obama has an easier closing argument to make. Invokes Reagan by saying "our brighest days are still ahead." Brings up education, energy and the MIDDLE CLASS again. Reminds people that it won't be easy or quick, but that we have to "come together, and renew a spirit of sacrifice and service." It's exactly where his campaign started: hope, unity and change we can believe in.

10:28 PM. McCain's closing statement: He finally brings out "my friends." McCain says he is for a new direction and reform. Hearing about a "new direction" from a really old Republican is kinda tough to swallow, but whatever. McCain comes across here as kinda like the tough, gutsy straight-talker that he used to be. Oh, what could have been.

10:26 PM. IT'S OVER. Halle-freakin-lujah.

10:21 PM. Obama using "unfunded mandate" reminds me of Josiah Bartlet's debate against Robert Ritchie on The West Wing. Now, that was a debate.

10:17 PM. I did okay in high school and I went to a good college, but this question makes me remember how badly we need to reform the education system in this country.

10:15 PM. I am officially really starting to tune out. But whatever Obama just said, the Ohio voters really, REALLY liked it.

10:13 PM. McCain rolled his eyes again. And he kinda stuck out his tongue, too. Gross.

10:10 PM. Obama brings up Lily Ledbetter and the issue of equal pay. "The court has to stand up if nobody else will." Aaaaaand the Ohio women go wild.

10:07 PM. Roe v. Wade... it's not a presidential debate if a Republican candidate doesn't use the phrase "lithmus test."

10:05 PM. McCain: "I'm gonna give them... I'm gonna give them..." He should be saying "you." It doesn't sound like he's talking to Americans, it sounds like he's whining to Bob Schieffer.

10:04 PM. "Joe Six-Pack" is now "Joe the Plumber" ... with a six-pack, as my friend Matt points out.

10:02 PM. In contrast, Ohio women loooove Obama's health care plan.

10:00 PM. Ohio women hate McCain's health care plan.

9:59 PM. The Phillies are now leading 5-0.

9:58 PM. According to the graph, Obama has been doing much better in the second half of the debate.

9:57 PM. Okay... FIRST OF ALL, McCain's "Obama is Herbert Hoover" comparisons are as stupid as they are ineffective. They aren't true, and they only make McCain seem older than he already is. Also, the Phillies are leading 4-0 in the 5th.

9:56 PM. I just want to say that I am shocked I am still awake.

9:53 PM. McCain just rolled his eyes at Obama.

9:51 PM. Hard to believe, but McCain has grown more contemptuous as the night has gone on.

9:50 PM. Obama: "nothing's more important" than ending our dependence on foreign oil. Goes into a bullet-point list again about energy independence. Thank God the Ayers bit is over. The women in the focus group are back on board with Obama now.

9:48 PM. McCain, as usual: Let's build 45 new nuclear power plants.

9:46 PM. Did McCain just snort?

9:45 PM. A thought I had: the better question would have been "Why is the OTHER guy's running mate better than YOUR running mate?" I would love to listen to Obama try to defend Palin.

9:43 PM. LOL. McCain makes the case for a Palin presidency. I direct you to this website.

9:41 PM. HAHAHAHAHA Why would your running mate be a better President than the other guy's running mate? Like it's even a contest. Ah jeez.

9:40 PM. The CNN focus group has totally flatlined during the Obama vs. McCain/you're negative/no YOU'RE negative/ACORN/Ayers section.

9:35 PM. McCain plays the Ayers card.

9:34 PM. Men like McCain, women like Obama.

9:33 PM. Obama speaks very convincingly of the bitter, cynical "same old, same old" politics in this country, and directly confronts Palin's "pal around with terrorists" bullshit.

9:31 PM. Jesus Christ, Obama, stop stuttering.

9:27 PM. McCain: "I want to run a truthful campaign." Really? Well, you have 20 days to make good on that promise.

9:25 PM. McCain: "Senator Obama, your argument of standing up to the leaders of your party isn't very convincing."

9:21 PM. McCain: "Senator Obama, I am not President Bush." Strong line from McCain, and apparently quite effective with Ohio men.

9:17 PM. Still early, but I think Obama is a little professorial tonight, which is not a good Obama.

9:13 PM. McCain is owning Obama on the taxes exchange.

9:11 PM. Obama: MIDDLE CLASS MIDDLE CLASS MIDDLE CLASS. Tax cut for 95% of Americans. The CNN uncommitted Ohio voters graph takes off.

9:10 PM. McCain really does not come across as diplomatic, and has stuttered his way through two answers in a row.

9:06 PM. Obama, as usual: MIDDLE CLASS MIDDLE CLASSS MIDDLE CLASS. This is the third debate in a row in which Obama has started with a clear, concise, bullet-point list of priorities.

9:05 PM. McCain says the catalyst for the economic crisis was Fannie/Freddie. I know this is SUPER early, but McCain really does not seem comfortable talking about the economy.

9:03 PM. Nothing has happened yet. Why is McCain already writing stuff down?

8:54 PM. Tim McCarver: "Cole Hamels doesn't have his best stuff," blah blah blah blah blah. Can't shut up about it. And then Hamels hangs a breaking ball to James Loney, who lines a single into center field. Tim McCarver is jinxing Cole Hamels.

8:27 PM. Jimmy Rollins leads off the game with a home run! Phillies 1, Dodgers 0.


Rachel said...

Really? I just agree with Obama, haha. I don't think McCain owns anything. Except 7 houses.

Gloria said...

McCain looks like he's about to stroke out