Friday, October 24, 2008

Bachmann Begs for a Second Chance

I obviously find this woman to be a complete monster. But I'm also a conscientious and forgiving person. This kind of ad, if done correctly, could go a long way towards rehabilitating Bachmann's image. It's pretty simple, actually: just say "I'm sorry."

Bachmann, wild-eyed, Bush-loving wacko that she is, is of course unable to do that. She only vaguely acknowledges her disgusting words - this after her statement earlier this week blaming Chris Matthews for somehow forcing her into saying stupid things.

She should have gone a lot farther. If she had done so, I would have given her credit for it. But without some kind of decent, humane acknowledgment that she regrets her vile behavior, she will get no credit from me, nor does she deserve any.

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