Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Hypocrisy of Todd Palin

Or does he think we're all just stupid?  Check this out:
"Todd Palin talked with over a dozen state officials, many of them repeatedly, in his crusade to get a state trooper fired whom he considered to be a bad cop, a dishonest person and a threat to the Palin family, according to his sworn statement given Wednesday to a legislative investigator," per the Alaska Daily News, adding, "In his statement, Palin is unapologetic about his efforts to get Wooten fired, but he says he doesn't think those efforts had anything to do with Monegan's dismissal."
To recap, Wooten is Mike Wooten, who was an Alaska state trooper and also the ex-husband of Sarah Palin's sister.  It was a very messy divorce, and Sarah (and Todd) Palin tried very hard for months to get this guy fired, as Todd Palin apparently admits in his written testimony posted above.  Monegan is Walt Monegan, the Alaska state police commissioner who was fired by Gov. Palin, shortly after he refused to fire Wooten.  The Palins, of course, say that Monegan's refusal to fire Wooten had nothing to do with Monegan's dismissal.


Here is the obvious problem with Todd Palin's account: he is the husband of the governor!  One can reasonably assume that Sarah knew what he was up to, knew that he was having just as much trouble as she was in firing Wooten, so the decision was made - either jointly or separately - to fire Monegan and simply blame it on something else.  Get real.  In his own words, Todd says he went on a "crusade" to get somebody fired, but doesn't think that had "anything to do with" the dismissal of the guy who wouldn't fire him???

These people are Bush clones, if not worse.  Just absolute monsters.

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