Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama as Lincoln

Obama has always tried to emphasize the connection he has to Lincoln, albeit in a subtle fashion - young, relatively inexperienced lawyers from Illinois who were both tall and skinny.  The fact that Lincoln fought against slavery and signed the Emancipation Proclamation only makes the parallels more ironic.

Howard Fineman, in a bizarre post, attempts to put this notion to rest, asserting that the two men actually have relatively little in common.

I suggest reading that column, as it's always good to hear dissenting opinions (although Fineman is usually not an Obama dissenter - in fact, far from it).  But I think that Fineman is actually uncharacteristically harsh in this case, and is making a case against Obama for the sake of making a case against Obama.  It's what the media routinely does to the frontrunner, after the excitement over his or her rise has dissipated: once one is on top (yawn), the press needs something new to cover, so dooooown we go.  Now that Obama has settled into a commanding lead in the polls, we will begin to hear a more steady chorus of skeptics wondering if we reeeeally should be electing this guy as our next president.

28 days, guys, 28 days.  Yes we can.

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