Friday, October 3, 2008

The Future of the GOP

Marc Ambinder dives into what's in store for the future of the Republican Party, regardless of who wins in November:
The debate about the future of the new Republican Party usually hinges on how its constitutive political nodes: the National Security node, the Social Conservative node, the Free Marketers, the Total Libertarian -- coalesce.  This organizational principle assumes a tabula rasa that will not, in actuality, be so rasa.
It would behoove the American people if Republicans could go back to being Republicans again.  Go back to the extremely attractive libertarian-esque mindset of small yet efficient government, low taxes, low spending, heavy emphasis on personal liberties and no more nation-building.  In other words, re-adopt the principles on which Ron Paul based his presidential campaign.

If Obama becomes President, it is almost a guarantee that he will work with large Democratic majorities in Congress for at least his first two years.  If Republicans can manage to regroup and throw the hypocritical, non-conservative evangelical wackos out of the mainstream consciousness of their party, they could serve as an effective check to a President Obama and to Democratic liberalism in this country.

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