Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Conservatives Against Palin...

...and taking heat for it.

Kathleen Parker, who recently - and quite famously - called on Palin to step down as the VP nominee, vents about getting lots of hate mail over what she wrote:
Some of my usual readers feel betrayed because I have previously written favorably of Palin.  By changing my mind and saying so, I am viewed as a "traitor" to the Republican Party - not a "true" conservative.
I've been saying for months - years! - that the Republican Party is no longer conservative (George W. Bush, anyone?)   To be a "true" conservative, you can't be a conservative.  The fact that right-wing nutjobs and hacks are sending Kathleen Parker hate mail because she's not sticking to the anti-conservative party line on Sarah W. Palin is as pathetic as it is mortifying.

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