Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The World Wants Obama

Duh.  Didn't the 200,000 screaming Germans give it away?

I know that there are those on the right (and maybe in the left and middle, too) who don't take any value from the fact that just about the entire world wants to see Barack Obama elected President of the United Srates.  The only country where it's a horse race is this one.  God love Reagan Democrats and the Electoral College!

Seriously, though.  Think back to July when Obama went on his "world tour."  He was greeted by tens of thousands of adoring fans waving American flags in Berlin.  John McCain has of course twisted this into "Obama is just a celebrity" (this is before the moose-hunting hockey mom/tabloid target was on the ticket) and tried to use Obama's popularity against him.  But isn't it nice when other countries wave American flags instead of burn them?  Why do people not see this as one of the incredibly inspirational and transformational aspects of Obama's candidacy that it so clearly is?

The biggest issues in this election have to do with the economy here at home - gas prices, taxes, etc. - and that is definitely the way it should be.  We have to tend to our business here first.  But, seriously, America, you can elect someone who will instantly put us in good standing again with literally the entire world, or you can elect someone whom people either dislike or are apathetic towards.  It may not directly affect your wallet, but it is an important difference between these two men.

(Image: ABC News)

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