Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Barack's Education Plan

I have always felt that the best way to achieve lasting progressive change is through education reform.  You gotta get people while they're young.

This is another reason why I love Barack Obama.  He understands the importance of education.  I mean, think about it: the guy, brilliant as he is, wouldn't be where he is today without working his way through two of America's best schools, Columbia and Harvard.  He has already stated that he is in favor of a college tuition tax credit in exchange for public service.  Brilliant.  Today he announced some more specifics of his education program:
Today he proposed programs that would provide $500 million in matching funds for investments in technology, increase access to Advanced Placement courses in high schools and double funding for charter schools.

He also wants to provide parents with a report card to help them keep abreast of their child's educational development, institute pay-for-performance programs for teachers, in addition to help for struggling teachers.  He also pledged to report to the American people yearly on the state of the country's schools.
I love it.  Of course, here's where the Republicans say, "but how are you gonna pay for it?"  Well, I'd start by withdrawing troops from Iraq, an endeavor that currently costs us $10 billion per month.  Then they'd say, "but you'd leave Iraq in ruins!"  Really?  Tell that to your Republican president, who today announced he plans to bring home 8,000 U.S. troops by February.

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