Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sleepless Over Sarah

I've been having some really strange nightmares lately, and I'm constantly waking up tired or kinda freaked out from said nightmares.  I honestly wonder if it has anything to do with the downward spiral in my optimism over this election, ever since She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named appeared.

I can't stress enough how much this upsets me.  Sarah Palin, for many people, is still a complete unknown, and she has no qualifications other than the fact that she is Christian and, gosh, people seem to like her.  For comparison's sake, Barack Obama is no longer a complete unknown.  He has been running for almost two years, has given countless interviews on every subject known to man and has appeared in more than 20 presidential debates (with three more to come).  He also has, by the way, the votes of more than 18 million Americans to serve as proof that he is ready.  And I believe that his qualifications - civil rights attorney, constitutional law professor, biracial, young, not of Washington, pragmatic, even-tempered - are exactly what we need in our president at this moment in time.

By contrast, everything I have learned about Sarah Palin is deeply upsetting and unsettling.  This woman is backwards, backwoods religious yahoo.  The woman tried to ban books, for crying out loud.  And her record is a complete farce.  The "reformer" actually increased property taxes in Wasilla, was in favor of earmarks and, of course, keeps flagrantly lying about that Bridge to Nowhere.  Yet, right now, McCain and Palin are winning.  Somehow, someway, they are ahead - because people are going to vote for her because she seems like an ordinary person.

She is an ordinary person.  That's what's so scary.  She'd make a great neighbor, I'm sure.  But this woman could be Vice President or President in five months' time.  It's scary and more than a little sad.  What is happening to this country?  Our first Vice President was John Adams.  Our next Vice President might be Sarah Palin.

Now I know why I'm having so much trouble sleeping.

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