Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Palin Who Cried Wolf

Remember what I said about Sarah Palin being a broken record?  The madness is continuing.  The woman either doesn't know that everyone is catching on about her "bridge to nowhere" bullshit, or doesn't care that everyone is catching on about her "bridge to nowhere" bullshit.  Either way, it's pretty fucked up.

Once again, she's yip-yapping about her stalwart opposition to the bridge.  It's simply not true.  Today she took her act to Ohio:
"I told Congress thanks but no thanks for that 'Bridge to Nowhere' up in Alaska.  If a state wanted a bridge, we were gonna build it ourselves."
You know what's even more fucked up about this whole thing?  It's not just that she's lying, but that quote is literally the same quote that she has repeated now in at least half a dozen stops on the campaign trail.  She continues to read from the same script.

Palin has nothing else.  She cannot speak the truth, and she cannot speak without a prepared speech.

No way, no how, no McCain, and NO PALIN.

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