Friday, September 12, 2008

The Bush Doctrine?!?

Look, guys, I'm not trying to go all "Northeastern elite liberal leftist" on you, but if you're running for Vice President - with the potential to be President - of the United States, then you need to know what the Bush Doctrine is.

The Bush Doctrine is more than just a symbol of the bone-headed and deadly foreign policy conducted by the Bush Administration; it will probably go down as one of the most significant developments in the use of American power around the world.  It says that we can attack other nations preemptively.  That was the rationale behind invading Iraq, which we all know turned out swimmingly.

Last night, Sarah Palin clearly didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was.  Charlie Gibson asked her what she thought of it.  "In what respect?" was her reply.  Excuse me?  In how many "respects" can you interpret a pretty straightforward philosophy of how to conduct our foreign policy?  This was, of course, just something she spit out because she clearly didn't know what the fuck she was talking about.

This is all fine if you're actually a hockey mom with five kids and are just an ordinary person who is vastly unqualified to be President or Vice President.  But Sarah Palin is one of these normal, unprepared, ignorant people who might just find herself in the White House in a few months.  As if Troopergate, the banning books scandal, her lies and hypocrisy and her ridiculous Creationist views didn't already disqualify her from seeking this job, her answer on the Bush Doctrine last night does the trick.

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