Monday, September 15, 2008

Hoping for History

When politics dies down (after the election), I hope to devote this blog more to a mix of not just politics and news but some other things I like too, mainly sports and particularly baseball.

The baseball season has entered its homestretch and, with the Yankees out of it and the Phillies' usual late-season dance of being out of contention one day and suddenly back in it the next day, let me say this:

I hope the Tampa Bay Rays make the World Series this season.

I didn't say win it, because that would be too weird, and they still might face the Phillies, whom I would obviously want to win.  But this is by far the best story of the baseball season - and maybe the best story of the past 20 baseball seasons - and I hope it continues deep into October.

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Rachel said...

How about Cubs v. Diamondbacks, playing in the series says before the election?! I don't even know if that's possible or what leagues those teams are in. Just saying. Illinois and Arizona. Hilarity!