Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bailout Fails

So the largest bailout in American history fails to pass the House of Representatives, 228-205.  About 60% of Democrats voted for it, about 75% of Republicans voted against it.

Amazingly, the GOP is blaming the Democrats - and a supposedly mean, partisan speech by Nancy Pelosi - for the failure of the bill.  How does the party that votes "nay" by roughly 2 to 1 blame the OTHER guys for the bill's failure?

What the incident says to me is that there is no leadership among the Republicans in the House, and that apparently John McCain has no sway among his party's congressmen and women.  Remember that it was Mac who rode into Washington last week like a knight in shining armor - "suspending" his campaign in the process - to try to get House Republicans on board with the bailout.  He clearly failed - again - to show any kind of real leadership or responsibility on an urgent matter facing the country.

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