Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Palinoia Sets In

(Note: That's to be pronounced like "paranoia," only it's "Palinoia."  As in, "I'm paranoid of Palin.")

FiveThirtyEight, one of the best sites on the web, had some interesting numbers on Sarah Palin's favorability ratings as they currently stand.  According to the Research 2000/Daily Kos poll, her numbers are down from a +17 six days ago to a +1 today.  Diageo/Hotline has it at +12, down from +24 last week.

If you trust polls and aren't a Sarah Palin fan, then you had a pretty good day today (unless you work on Wall Street).

Regardless of numbers, I think the Palin craze - and I understand I am not at all an impartial observer here - is indeed coming back down to earth.  I think the narrative that is forming right now in the media is one of "Okay, soooo... who the fuck is this chick again?"  Think about it: less than three weeks ago, she burst onto the scene, and predictably, a lot of the initial reaction was positive ("OMG!  She's a mom!  She's a normal person!  She cooks mooseburgers!") and the novelty of it at all was overwhelming and inspiring.  But now, as we digest seemingly one Bush-like scandal after another, the juxtaposition of her as a sweet, "normal" gal with some kooky beliefs and shady, unethical behavior seems to be leaving people somewhat skeptical or, in my case, downright spooked.

I will say this: after her interviews with Charlie Gibson proved that, though articulate and attractive, she knows nothing about basic issues and can't perform without a script, I'm not as worried about her debate with Biden anymore.  I don't think Biden will wipe the floor with her, but I'm less afraid of her coming across as charmingly competent as I was a few days ago.  I don't think she's not intelligent; I just think she doesn't know.  And I think that is becoming increasingly obvious with each passing day.

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