Monday, September 15, 2008

McCain is a Copycat

This presidential campaign is really weird and getting weirder.

The ridiculousness coincided with the selection of Tina Fey as our next Vice President.  Over the past three weeks, McCain has started running on a campaign of "change" - oh, excuse me, "reform" - and has said he and Vice President Tina Fey will "shake up" Washington and change how business is done....... while proposing to do exactly the same things George W. Bush has done.

Now he's even got commercials running that call Obama "more of the same" and refer to Barack as "not the change we need."

This is slightly insane at first read because, like most of the things John McCain has said lately, it's not true.  But it's totally, wholly insane when you ponder it some more because those slogans are literally the exact same slogans Obama is using against McCain!

Therefore, McCain is copying the attacks Obama is using against him, and using them against Obama in a way that makes....... no sense.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then John McCain must really love Barack Obama.  They should make out.

(And thanks to my friend Alex who first pointed this out to me a few days ago.)

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