Monday, September 8, 2008

Palin Watch, Day 11

The problem with the Sarah Palin Saga is that it is a horrifying combination of the following:

1) Sarah Palin is only on the ticket because she is a woman.
2) Sarah Palin is also a scary right-wing nutjob.
3) Sarah Palin has no qualifications for the job.
4) Sarah Palin was never properly vetted by John McCain.
5) Sarah Palin has answered ONE question from a reporter since becoming McCain's running mate.
6) Sarah Palin could conceivably be President of the United States in January.

Add all those up and you have:

7) Despite all these things, the McCain-Palin ticket is currently LEADING in the polls.

People get the government they deserve.  But does anyone possibly deserve this?

(Image: The Telegraph)

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