Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain... Ew

Greetings from beautiful Berkeley, CA.  During the past three days, I have been out and about throughout virtually the entire Bay Area.  Crazy place.  But good.

Anyway, I'm back for a special "West Coast post" to basically say this: fuck you, John McCain.

I'm sure by now you've heard about the fact that McCain is suspending his campaign and calling for Friday's debate to be postponed.  This is such a cheap political stunt that it makes the Palin pick rosy by comparison.  I mean, come on.  Mac wants no campaign ads (for either side) running, no presidential debate and no campaigning until Congress and the president agree to a deal on the bailout.

No offense, but since when did John McCain need to show up in the Senate for anything to get accomplished?  He hasn't even been there in five months.  And how stupid does he think we are?  Oh yeah, suspending your campaign and wiping out an opportunity for you and your opponent to debate the huge issues facing this country is exactly what we want from a president.  You're right, John - in this moment of national crisis, you should basically stop running for president.

Wouldn't it be more "country first" to come up with a solution to the fiscal crisis and then campaign valiantly around the country for said proposal?  Or to change the tenor of Friday's debate to be more about the economy than foreign policy, which is supposed to be the main issue on the bill?  Or to... I don't know... just shut the fuck up, admit you're a douchebag and let Huckabee or some other yahoo just fill in as the GOP nominee for the final six weeks?

I'm tired and less than coherent at the moment, but I hope I'm coming through on what should be a fairly obvious point by now: McCain is a tired, old, dumb, cynical jerk.  He gave us Sarah Palin and now he's checking out because........???  Because his NOT campaigning somehow means the bailout deal will come to fruition faster?

Gee, I'm sure this has NOTHING to do with his fading poll numbers.

I can't wait for November 4, and I hope Obama blows this guy out of the water.  What a disgusting troll of a candidate; what a disappointment of a human being.

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