Saturday, December 6, 2008


The CW is thinking about making a spin-off for Gossip Girl.

Who would it be about? You can't break up the five main characters (Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck and Nate). I suppose you could make it about Jenny or Vanessa, but... really?

It would certainly be something different, I guess. A show centered around Jenny or Vanessa would be very "'poor' girl from Brooklyn trying to make her way to the top," which is different from Gossip Girl, which is "really really rich young people doing stuff in New York." Also, note that I use the word "poor" in quotes, especially applied to Jenny, who is supposed to be poor but lives with her rock star dad in a gorgeous loft in Williamsburg.

A spin-off around Jenny would seem to make the most sense, but I ask again... really?

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Brendan M. Leonard said...

The Cindy Lou Who show's been rumored for a while. Also, ell oh ell at the title of this post.