Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Awards Preview: "Australia"

The Golden Compass. The Invasion. The Interpreter. Cold Mountain. Bewitched.

All Nicole Kidman movies that flopped in some way, shape or form. Will Australia be any different?

Well, Oprah liked it. But what the heck does that mean? Dave Karger doesn't think it's a serious contender for any of the major awards. And the movie is practically nowhere to be seen on Buzzmeter, save the Original Screenplay category.

Look guys, I think there is a Nicole Kidman curse (see the list of movies above), so therefore this movie has to tank in some way. And I am on record as saying that Australia will be the Flop of the Year.

I think Karger is on to something when he says that all this movie can reasonably expect is a Screenplay nod and maybe some artsy nominations (like Art Direction and Costumes). Other than that, though, uh-uh.

Maybe the HFPA will feel generous and give it a Best Picture (Drama) nomination. But that'll be it. Bummer, Baz.

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Brendan M. Leonard said...

Bunch of technical awards -- they love the woman who did the costumes for this, Baz' wife -- and possibly a Golden Globe nomination. Maybe in bizarro world, Best Supporting Actor nom for the kid.