Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thoughts on the Globe Noms

Still processing all the information:
  1. Big blow for The Dark Knight's chances at building some buzz for a Best Picture nomination. Not like Globe success is a good barometer for the Oscars, but this is a very disappointing haul for them.
  2. Doubt tied for the most nominations with five, but it got shut out of the Best Picture category. It appears that, as predicted, its best case for multiple Oscar noms lies in the acting and writing categories.
  3. I guess the Weinsteins' strategy of nominating Kate Winslet as supporting actress for The Reader (so she doesn't split votes with her lead role in Revolutionary Road) paid off: she got nominated for both, in both categories.
  4. Quite a coup for The Reader, grabbing noms for Picture, Director and Winslet's performance.
  5. Revolutionary Road also, I think, performed slightly above expectations.
  6. Tom Cruise for Tropic Thunder. Nice. He was hilarious.
  7. Ralph Fiennes for The Duchess... that's weird. Even for the Globes.
  8. Perhaps John Patrick Shanley is somewhat vindicated now that he got a nomination for his Doubt screenplay?
  9. I'm somewhat surprised that, judging from its apparent broad support with the HFPA, Cate Blanchett couldn't wrangle a Best Actress nod for Benjamin Button.
  10. Marisa Tomei lives!
I don't really care about the TV nominations, but here's one thought I had:
  1. WHY DOES LOST NEVER GET NOMINATED FOR ANYTHING????????????????????????????


AJ said...

The Dark Night was totally and completely snubbed. That deserved noms in:
Best Picture
Best Screenplay
and possibly Best Director

This Buttons movie better be fucking phenomenal. And the Doubt movie better be better than the previews. I've never seen a movie look more muggish amd cartoonish on film than it did on stage.

And Ron Howard?? From everything I've heard, his involvement softened the entire effect of that film.

What of course sucks the most is that none of the oscar pictures come to New Orleans before Christmas Day. And many, like Slumdog, won't even play here at all. Thanks distributors!

Anonymous said...

Because Lost sucks

Danno said...

Lost does not suck, Mr. (Mrs? Ms?) Anonymous.