Monday, December 1, 2008

Bloomberg Wilting in Re-Election Bid?

NYC Mayor Mike "No Term Limits For Me!" Bloomberg's latest poll numbers don't look that great. He can only get to 50% against a pair of relatively unknown Democratic challengers.

A word of caution: the election is about a year away, and lots and lots and lots of things can change in that time. This promises to be a very interesting race, as the snafu over Bloomberg's rewriting of city law to allow himself to run for a third term seems to have made a dent in his approval ratings (though, frankly, it could be worse).

Until I have a change of heart (and even as a past Bloomberg supporter, I don't anticipate that happening), this blog will be in full support of Bloomberg's Democratic challenger. It's our little response to his misadventure in law-changing. Elected officials can't be allowed to just change laws they don't like - against previously decided wishes of the public - in order to hold onto a powerful office. And, if we hold these people accountable, and accordingly - and democratically - remove them from power, they won't be able to get away with it anymore.

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