Friday, November 14, 2008

They Met

Obama and Hillary did indeed meet yesterday in Chicago to talk about a role in his administration:
The meeting took place at Obama's transition offices in the mid-afternoon.

It did not appear on the schedule that's distributed to Clinton staff and handlers.

One knowledgeable source said that the meeting was "not an interview." The source would not elaborate.
Interesting. Keep in mind that the Obama transition has already told us not to expect any Cabinet appointments before Thanksgiving. I for one was disappointed by that, as I guess I'm just so desperate for news tidbits and information now that the campaign is over.

Hillary being named to the Cabinet, though, would be the topic du jour of several news cycles, and would certainly satisfy the media's craving for something new.

I'll tell ya one thing: it would probably push that bespectacled governor from Alaska out of the spotlight for a little while.

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