Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bad Republicans, Good Republicans

Ben Cohen has a list entitled "10 Republicans Who Should Go Away." It's pretty funny, and I encourage you to read it, though Ann Coulter is conspicuously absent. That's probably by design, as she's vile enough on her own to take up 10 spots on a 10-spot list. Though Cohen does include some all-stars. Personally, I'd put Michelle Malkin at #1, but what can you do?

It actually got me thinking, though, about how I really do wish for more civility in our politics. I like to think that, even though I can endorse a list called "10 Republicans Who Should Go Away," I can still be respectful of their collective right to have, well, really toxic and terrible views and policy positions that do irreparable harm for our country. I won't ever attempt to take that right away from them, though I also won't give up my right to continue to argue my position against them. I do pledge, however, to do it with a smile!

But for civility's sake, I thought I'd take Cohen's idea and turn it on its head. So here we have yours truly's list of 10 Republicans Who Can Stay:
  1. Ron Paul - odd man out in the GOP now, but who cares? Second-most popular pol with young people after Obama.
  2. Chuck Hagel - first Republican in the Senate to show some spine - not to mention common sense - on the Iraq War.
  3. Olympia Snowe - a pro-choice, moderate Republican woman from Maine. We could use more of those.
  4. Susan Collins - another pro-choice, moderate Republican woman from Maine! Great. We now have two. More please!
  5. Tom Ridge - former PA governor and Homeland Security chief. Also pro-choice. McCain's BFF but whatever. He's got a lot of good qualities too.
  6. Charlie Crist - Florida governor, could be gay, very popular, tan, great hair. Did I mention he's probably gay?
  7. Gerald Ford - genuinely a good guy, and the right president - albeit an accidental one - at the right time.
  8. Nelson Rockefeller - perhaps the most famous member of the almost-extinct New England Moderate Republican Club.
  9. Teddy Roosevelt - 26th president who walked softly and carried a big stick. John McCain, eat your heart out.
  10. Ainsley Hayes from The West Wing - sassy, sexy and smart. And still did a great job as assistant White House counsel even while working out of the boiler room.
Yes, I know three of them are dead and one of them is imaginary, but it's still pretty good, right? Civility, my friends, civility. It's back!

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