Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sarah Palin Alert: The 2012 Draft Begins


It was only a matter of time. And sure enough, just two weeks after Election Day 2008, a "Draft Sarah" movement has emerged:
"Since forming our committee last week, we now have State Organizers in ten states and thousands from across the nation who have signed on as supporters," writes Kelly. "We feel that for Conservatives to be successful again, we must get back to the core principles of Conservatism. Sarah Palin's popularity and her Conservative values that she embodies will be the catalyst that will resurrect the Conservative base and reform the Republican Party of the near future."
Hmmm... nooooo, not actually. Last time I checked, Sarah Palin doesn't represent anything close to the core principles of conservatism (and no, I refuse to capitalize that word). Palin represents nutjob Christian fundamentalism, sure, but conservatism... I don't think so (at least not in the mind of this tree-hugging, gay marriage-loving, bleeding-heart liberal leftist commie).

Nevertheless, I urge you to visit the website for the Draft Sarah Committee, which you can do here. You'll find some curious things, like a homepage that features a picture of Sarah Palin cooking at home in Wasilla ("See, she's a regular gal! She cooks! She's a mom! Let's elect her president!"). If you go to the Photos section, you'll also see that the committee has posted that Photoshopped image of Palin on the cover of Vogue, even though, well, it's FAKE. Yet the caption reads "In Vogue." I really hope the caption is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Do they mean "En Vogue?" Like the band? Seriously, though... not even a committee devoted to electing Sarah Palin president could be that stupid, could they?

I won't answer that. Just visit the damn website. It'll make you laugh.

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