Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Quick Recap

More to come later, but here's a recap for now:

I found the speech to be simultaneously predictable boilerplate but also quite effective. Obama seems to have grown into his role as president, or - as John King just put it on CNN - "the guy in the middle." He wants to be the reasonable guy in the center of the circle, surrounded by the screaming nincompoops on each side. Ever since November, with the crushing at the polls, he seems to have found somewhat of a stride - first with the lame duck, then with his speech in Tucson, and finally with tonight.

I got the sense that he relishes the coming congressional session. Two months ago, the conventional wisdom was that he would be bloodied and battered and terrified of legislative battles with an emboldened Republican Party. But I don't think that's the case. This has given him the opportunity to stretch his legs and, as one commentator put it, be the president he's always wanted to be.

On policy - yawn. No earth-shattering, New Frontier-like proposals or anything. But I applaud the focus on renewable energy, education and the economy. They are, of course, intertwined, and altogether represent the most important issue(s) facing our country.

I'll post a roundup of reactions and analysis later tonight and tomorrow. But for now, dinner!

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