Tuesday, January 25, 2011

President Obama's 2nd State of the Union

I've been in Oscar mode all day (and what a mode to be in, seriously) so I haven't been focusing as closely on tonight's State of the Union. Here are a few last-minute predictions:
  1. Daniel Hernandez, the "hero intern" from the Giffords shooting, will get a standing ovation (he'll be sitting with Michelle Obama).
  2. Obama will make a reference to Republicans and Democrats sitting together.
  3. Obama will acknowledge Speaker Boehner in his new gig, and welcome the freshmen to Congress.
  4. Somebody somewhere will say something about the economy.
  5. The "state of our union" will either be "strong" or, as it was last year, "getting stronger every day" (or something along those lines).
  6. If you're playing a drinking game that involves drinking on the words "economy," "come together" or "spending," you're gonna get wasted.

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